fp ventures

  Opposite Siddhartha Medical & Dental College, Gannavaram

3 km from Medha Towers - IT Park& HCL Technologies )

Facing the existing Chennai-Calcutta Highway (NH-5)

18km from Benz Circle, Vijayawada

Land suitable for Warehouses, Offices, Educational Institutions, Hotels etc...

3 km from the Gannavaram International Airport

Near Narayana, Chaitanya, KKR & Gautam colleges

20 kms from 110 Crore 100 Acre Mallavalli Food Park & Industrial Corridor

Close to the proposed Logistics hub / Container park

20 kms from 1260 Acre Mallavalli Innovative Industrial Corridor

Close to the 200' wide NH-5 that will take you to the new capital in 20 min

8 kms from 60 Crore Veerapanenigudem Model Industrial Corridor

Gannavaram is going to be epicenter of all development for the next decade

10 kms from NDRF Centre which is being setup in Kondapavuluru Village

One of the most happening place near Vijayawada and close to IT Companies (HCL Tech Ltd, etc..), Housing Projects, Reputed Medical and Engineering Colleges, International Airport, Upcoming IT SEZ, Industrial Corridor, Logistics Park, Best Price (Wal-Mart) etc.